Good Topics For Argumentative Research Papers For College Students

Because you are a college student you will be expected to understand the structure of an argumentative essay and to choose a topic which is relevant and has depth. The writing of this essay is a polite way for you to have an argument. But it is difficult to argue if the subject is shallow. And in addition you need to show enthusiasm for your point of view.

The structure of an argumentative essay is tried and true. You will need an introduction at the beginning and the conclusion at the end and in between those two paragraphs will be your body paragraphs. Here is the meat of your argument. This is where you set out the points which prove or support your point of view.

Now your essay being a research paper implies that you will engage in research before writing it. And the proof of you having engaged in research will be shown in your reference to a variety of sources. These will be relevant and important quotations and they will lend weight to your argument. You will do even better if you can discuss the counterargument and dismiss it again using supporting evidence.

The usual rules apply which include such things as choosing a topic which you like or are enthusiastic about, creating a plan from which you write your draft, seeking feedback from fellow students, friends and family and finally, editing your research paper to improve it and make it the best it possibly can be.

Here are some good topics for argumentative research papers. Remember the above criteria in making your choice. What is a good topic for one student may not appeal to another.

  1. 1. The death penalty does not reduce the incidence of violent crime.
  2. 2. Government-run lotteries are a great way to raise funds for needy causes.
  3. 3. Cheating in the form of plagiarism is rife in schools and colleges.
  4. 4. There should be a spending limit imposed on all candidates for public office.
  5. 5. Torture is acceptable if it enables authorities to prevent acts of terrorism.
  6. 6. Curfews will never work if trying to control violent teenagers.
  7. 7. Drones and should be banned as they are an invasion of privacy.
  8. 8. Advertising to children should be banned.
  9. 9. Governments have to become more proactive in labelling food so as to prevent obesity.
  10. 10. Tobacco is a dangerous product and should be banned.

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