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Writing a research paper starts with a good idea. Sometimes the idea will be based on personal interest or when you feel you have something unique to add to the subject matter. It helps to have a few ideas to consider getting you started. Doing so can give further insight on trending topics and areas that could use a boost in awareness. Controversial topics often craft good research papers when you have reputable sources to provide good evidence for your argument or main idea. The following 10 ideas can give more insight on potential ideas you can come up with on your own based on your interests:

Are electronic cigarettes any better than real cigarettes? Overtime, are they cheaper than original cigarettes and do they reduce cancer risk?

How are people able to get weapons through airport security? With so much high tech equipment available to detect weapons, how are people still hiding contraband successfully?

Who should be responsible when an airplane crashes? Why does it take so long to find an airplane when it crashes in the water even with high tech equipment?

How can animal rights be protected? How else can products be tested if animals were not allowed to be considered for testing?

Are we really better off with cellphones now than before they were invented? Does implying a cell phone ban in certain areas really help reduce safety risks?

How can cars be made to be safer on the roads? Can a car be made to be indestructible to reduce impact or crash risk?

Should parents have more to say about textbooks and literature their children read at school? Why do we still use textbooks in school when many books are available electronically?

How can roads and buildings be designed better to last longer against environmental elements and weather? Have improvements been made to structures to make them more stable during earthquakes or severe weather?

Will gay marriage ever be truly accepted? While many believe God created man and woman to be together, what does he really think about gay and lesbian couples?

Can employers do more to encourage healthier habits of their employees? Is enough being done by the government to encourage business owners to get their employees into shape?

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