4 Simple Steps To Take Looking For A Term Paper Example In The APA Format

Applying a correct academic format to your paper from the very beginning can help you avoid unnecessary revisions later. In the case with term papers, it is especially important as they are rather lengthy and revising them can be hard work.

  1. Browse your university library.
  2. Academic institutions often store a collection of papers written by their students; either all submitted or the best examples only. Browse the online database of your library, or consult its staff to discover term papers in the APA format submitted in your course. The latter is important as instructors might slightly modify the requirements of common academic styles according to their own taste. For example, the standard APA title page does not commonly include the year of submission but your instructor might require it. As you have a look at papers submitted by your peers, you will get a clear idea of what exactly your work should look like. If the examples are available in digital form, you can even use one of the best ones as your template.

  3. Borrow an APA style guide.
  4. Your university library should have guidebooks for all common citation styles. Read an APA manual to see examples of various term paper fragments, such as contents page, abstract, and reference list. You can be sure that these examples are perfectly formatted and accurate.

    Using a style guide is especially recommended when you have to cite uncommon sources, e.g. a visual art work or a video interview. You might have a hard time looking for a sample term paper citing exactly these kinds of sources, while a style guide will provide clear instructions and examples on how to do it.

  5. Google a relevant word combination.
  6. Enter a search query “APA term paper example,” and put double quotation marks around. For more results, replace “example” with “sample” and repeat your search. If search results are still too few, try removing double quotes. Next, go down your search page, ignoring related links (those leading to examples of APA essays or research papers, or papers with unspecified style) and opening only those that actually lead to the kind of samples you are looking for.

  7. Select reliable websites.
  8. After you open a link, pay attention to what this website looks like. Does it have convenient navigation and attractive design? Does it belong to an educational institution or a reputable volunteer team? Does it have valid and full contact data in the respective section? If the answer is “yes” to all three questions, you can safely use APA term paper examples from this resource.

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