10 Ways To Come Up With Good Persuasive Research Paper Topics

The main aim of a persuasive paper, of course, is to make people agree with what you are saying. You can either be persuading persons who already agree with you to do something about the issue, known as a call to action, or you may be trying to change person’s point of view on a certain issue. Regardless of your intentions, to successfully persuade persons, you have to choose the right topic.

10 ways to help pick the right topic:

  1. Talk about something you are passionate about- If the subject matter you are writing on is something you feel strongly about, it will come across to readers better because it shows that you actually care about what you are writing about, and it prompts them to care as well.

  2. Avoid subjects that are too general/broad- You have to remember that when a subject area that you are writing a persuasive essay on is too broad, it makes it harder for your points to hit home because there is just too much to talk about. Readers will become overwhelmed at the amount of information and walk away without having read half of your argument. You can start with a broad subject, for example, Technology, then narrow it down to talking about the Negative effects of technology on children in the 5-12 age group in a certain location.

  3. Make sure there is (credible) information on the subject area- On the other hand, if the scope of the subject is too narrow, you may not be able to find information on it, or if the area is fairly new with your research.

  4. Avoid overdone issues- Stay away from Global Warming, gun control and things like that. Come up with something new that everyone hasn’t talked about. If you are going to do an overdone issue, you’ll need a new perspective on the issue.

  5. Stay away from sensitive subjects- The sensitive topics are sometimes the hardest to convince people on, like abortion and euthanasia.
  6. Pick an interesting issue- No one wants to read about something extremely boring. Make it interesting and readers will care more about what you have to say.

  7. Know your audience- You probably shouldn’t be presenting a paper on pro-abortion to certain religious groups.

  8. Write about what you know- An important tip is to write about things you are knowledgeable about. Maybe you’ve been affected by the issue. Personal experiences are also very good to have in the essay. It brings emotions to the piece and causes the author to gain credibility as well because they know about the issue first hand.

  9. Pick an issue you have taken a firm stance on- You can’t be writing two sides of the argument. Choose one and stick to it.

  10. Choose a subject you can write a counterargument on- You’re probably wondering why you’ll need a counterargument when you’re trying to get people to agree with you. It’s simple. Not everyone who reads your work will agree. So the people who will disagree, you need to think of what they would disagree with and then find a way to quash their disagreements respectfully by using facts, figures, personal experiences and the like.

Follow these simple tips and by the end of your paper, you’ll have everyone eating out of the palm of your hands.

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