10 International Law Research Paper Topics That Will Help You Write A Great Paper

Law students are often expected to write research papers on various topics including international law. Coming up with a strong idea for your international law research paper takes some careful consideration.

First of all you don’t want to write on something that has been written on one million times before. Because international law is such a commonly discussed topic in law school if you want to ace your paper you should select a topic that hasn’t been overdone and is relevant to today’s current events. If you do choose to do a popular topic be sure to ad some original insight and use modern day examples in order to emphasize your main points.

It will also help if you choose a topic that is interesting to you and that you are genuinely curious about. On the surface writing about international law may sound boring but once you begin reading about it you will likely find some very compelling information that will inspire your paper.

Keep in mind that you are writing a research paper- this means that you will be expected to back up your arguments with real life examples and resources. Before you bring writing it may help if you read some publications on the topic that you are considering to help you come up with some ideas.

Examples of International Research Paper Topics For Students:

  1. 1.) Human rights: International criminal court and sovereignty
  2. 2.) Human rights: Should other countries be allowed to use the death penalty?
  3. 3.) Complications with suing multi-national corporations for human rights violations in other countries.
  4. 4.) How can international legislation help eliminate the deprivation of human rights in other countries?
  5. 5.) Case study: international law and sea pirates in eastern Asia, what can be done?
  6. 6.) The weaponization of space by the U.S, should it be allowed? Who owns space?
  7. 7.) What is the role of international law in ending worldwide drug trade?
  8. 8.) International Law in the age of the Internet, why things have changed.
  9. 9.) Famous international war crime lawsuits
  10. 10.) International law and the protection of intellectual property

If you are stilled stumped about what you should write about just turn on the national news and find out what the latest breaking international news stories are. This is truly the best way to come up with a unique topic idea that will help you to write a great paper.

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