How do you write a proposal for a research paper

A proposal for a research paper is a very important step both in writing the actual research paper and in making a good impression on your supervisor. How? The explanation comes below.

Why is my research paper proposal so important?

The proposal for research paper is considered wasting of time by a lot of students. After all, it is just a short summary of what to expect from your actual writing. However, it serves 2 very important purposes.

  1. 1. Defining the flow of your work. When writing a research paper proposal, you need to think through the actual paper in details. You will need to decide the object of your research, methods you will use, sources you will take the information from. Be careful: if you submit the proposal to your professor at the beginning of writing the research paper, you will not be able to make deep changes later.

  2. 2. Creating a first impression about yourself. It will be relevant especially if this is the first paper you will submit to this professor. It will show not only your writing skills, but also your ability to plan ahead and know what you are talking about, as well as your knowledge of the researched subject. If the research paper proposal is written poorly, if may even influence the general grade.

What information to include in a research paper proposal?

Of course, you will not be able to retell your paper in details and nobody expects you too. What is expected from you that you already know how you are going to write my research paper proposal, you have already planned your work. There are some fields of your future research paper that you have to mention in the proposal.

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