A guide on how to write an APA format research paper

There are several different styles of format and there are only very, very subtle differences between some of them. Be sure that you are using the correct style for your research paper.

Use of the format style helps not only you but also whoever is reading your work and in the first instance that is going to be your tutor. The style format will dictate the way you give validity to your work; it also gives a suitable and adequate system for referencing and citing the sources you have used for your paper.

Generally, the APA (American Psychological Association) style is used for social science fields (this also includes business, law and medical fields).


  1. 1. Sections of the paper
    • - Title page. Obviously you need the Title of your paper and your name and college or university. Abstract. This should be 150 -250 words, this is always written last as it is a synopsis of the whole paper.
    • - Main or body. This section is further broken down into Introduction, Method, Results, Conclusion / Discussion. Each of these sections should follow the usual rule for paragraph construction.
    • - Reference Page. List all the sources you have used. Check to see if there3 is a minimum amount that you need to use.

  2. 2. More on References
    • - Your references must be on a page/s of their own. The title should be centered.
    • - Don’t put your references in the order in which you have cited them, you must use alphabetical order. (Check with the format guide as to indentations for this section).
    • - Use double spaces in the reference section.
    • - Cross reference throughout your work. If you mention someone else work in your writing you should make sure that you have added that to your reference section and vice versa.
    • - If you make reference to any magazines, journals etc., put that in italics.
    • - You can use ‘Managing Sources’ for APA in the referencing section of ‘Word’.

  3. 3. Citations - In Text
    • Authors name comes first, then the date of the publication.

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