Seven Excellent Term Paper Topics In International Relations

As countries around the world become more tightly interwoven, the strength and nature of their relationships becomes ever more critical to the wellbeing of their citizens. These relationships are the topic of international relations. Here are seven super term paper topics to consider in your own studies.

  1. New disciplines
  2. International relations is an inter-disciplinary area of knowledge, taking input from economics, politics, law, sociology, and so on. What other academic fields might yet be untapped in adding to the discourse? For example, have new developments in the mathematical analysis of networks been applied to international social relationships?

  3. The growth of NGOs into INGOs
  4. Non-governmental organisations may find better support, better funding, and more opportunities to deliver on their mission if they can cross borders and tap into international networks. What guidelines can be given to NGOs to successfully transform themselves into INGOs?

  5. The globalisation of human rights
  6. Much of international affairs rests on nations sharing common ideas, such as the inalienable rights of individual citizens. Where these differ, negotiations cannot even begin, because the terms of reference are incompatible. But these concepts have not always been accepted anywhere, and have their own history. What might we learn from the evolution of the idea of human rights that might accelerate finding common ground where countries have vastly different ideas?

  7. The rise of the individual
  8. Politics has long been the domain of kings and diplomats. But as technologies such as the Internet have transcended borders (and people themselves have travelled far more), many more bonds are being forged between individuals, outside of official state channels. How do these developments affect what was once the exclusive province of the elite?

  9. Non-state actors
  10. A similar development has been the rise of role players that are not nations. For example, terrorist groups bring new dynamics and unpredictably to the world stage. How might existing frameworks and theories be adapted to better account for these groups, particularly in light of their oftentimes apparently irrational tactics?

  11. The landscape
  12. There is a broad patchwork of theories that approach different aspects of international relations. What meta-frameworks could be constructed to synthesise the majority of these, and guide their application to analysis problems?

  13. War by other means
  14. Wars are no longer broadly regarded as positive by populations, particularly since the rise of television has brought the ugly realities into the living room. As the final option becomes increasingly undesirable, what other strategies are states adopting to achieve their aims?

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