Interesting Topics to Write a History Research Paper on

The task of writing a research paper can be a daunting one, but if you can get past the very first step the rest follows naturally. With so many topics on which to write, the sheer number of available subjects makes the selection process that much more difficult. Fortunately, history does indeed repeat itself, leaving many readily available, clear-cut topics that can be constantly revisited with fresh insight.

Write About the Spouses of Historical Figures in Their Limelight Years

We’ve all heard about General Custer and Adolph Hitler, but what about the women at their sides? There are many well-known historical figures whose significant others’ actions hold a story as well.

Write a Compare and Contrast Paper Highlighting the Truth Behind the Old Saying

History repeats itself, eh? Set out to prove or disprove it (though you’ll have trouble with the latter). The old adage comes from somewhere, and it never ceases to amaze readers just how true it is that we will make the same mistakes over and over and over again. Pick any two from the following categories or ones like them, compare them on paper, and you will have an interesting historical research paper.

Write About How Different Life Would be Today if Not for X Historical Occurrence

It is strange to consider how one event, invention, or birth in history held power in itself to change how life would play out depending on its existence. Write about any of those world-changing things and discuss what life today might be like without its having existed in history.

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