Conflict In Syria

Conflict is a serious disagreement which leads to prolonged fighting or war battle. Syria is an Arab-dominated country in Western Asia. It borders Mediterranean Sea and Lebanon to the West, Israel to the Southeast, Iraq to the East and Jordan to the South. The conflicts in Syria broke in March 2011. The key genesis of this conflict is attributed to the Arab Spring. This spring concerns the democratic uprisings that emerged independently and spread at a fast speed across the Arab world in 2011.

Arab Spring is believed to have been initiated when the subjects perceived that their democracy is not respected. The protests started in Tunisia in December 2011. Ultimately, it transpired to Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The principal factor that led to these protests is the dominance by the ruling families. According to the protestors, the ruling individuals exchanged power within their families and allies.

The Syria conflict resulted from the revolution against the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad. The Assad family has dominated in power since 1971. Moreover, the people complained about poor economic development and political reforms. The reason that stimulated the war was the jailing of children who drew anti-regime graffiti on March 6, 2011. Another different school of thought argues that the conflict commenced with protests that mirrored other Arab nations. This led to a security crackdown. The protests increased when Syrian Army fired on demonstrators. After this incident, the protests became a full-scale armed agitation.

The Free Syrian Army came into existence in 2011. According to Dr. Shanahan, the FSA emerged following the local militias whose primary objective was to overthrow the government without any centralized control or command. The militias included the local tribes, military deserters and Jihadists. Additionally, the militia consisted of outsiders who had their Islamic agendas.

Father Dave argues that the Syrian rebellions are after their rights. Nevertheless, it is due to selfishness and greed of their leaders that resulted to the situation in Syria. Contrary to what happens on the ground, Father Dave continues to say that the media conveys the opposite. Many people have been killed, but the media are taking it lightly. United Nations approximates that about 1.5 million people have fled Syria. Basing on the reports of Human Right Organization, more than 36,000 people have perished.

In conclusion, the conflict in Syria is devastating. What upsets more is the fact that the government does not bother about its citizens. The conflict calls for intervention by United Nations and other able countries to help restore peace.

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