A list of religion research paper topics to be careful with 

If you are writing a research paper on religion there are only a handful of topics that you need to be careful with. In general you must approach religious research paper topics with care so as not to offend the reader or the general community. Inserting personal beliefs is of course a terrible idea and not conducive to a research paper.

The only real topic that you must take particular caution with is Islam. Research papers that relate to Islam can cause quite a stir in the media and on your school campus. If you have a large class with any Islamic members you might greatly offend them by including any use of their prophet’s name or any drawing or depiction of the prophet. This has been done by many before you in America and has often resulted in protests around the world and large demands for reparations.

Aside from that you can write about any religious topic that you please so long as it fits within the parameters of your project. Make sure to cite biblical or religious texts properly and to ensure you integrate quotes well. If you do include quotes to make your point you want to make sure they do not take up more than ten to fifteen percent of your total text.

Be specific in the information you present and ensure you are nothing but professional. Addressing issues of religion in a research paper is a difficult task due to the fact that most students were brought up in households with different religions present. That often leads to the integration of certain jargon and manners of speaking that you might not be aware are directly related to your particular faith until you are exposed to others. It is important to respect religious leaders that you hold interviews with and to take extra precautions that the words you use for leaders are correctly associated with different faiths. You do not want to use the word “priest” for the Baptist faith or “preacher” for the founder of the Islamic faith. You also want to make sure that you do not use incorrect texts and that all of the names you include are not only spelled correctly but use the right prefixes or names. If you are unsure then look back over your notes and call the people you interviewed to confirm.

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