Crafting Best Topics For A Research Paper: Techniques You Must Use

Choosing a great topic is essential for your research paper because your entire paper is based on the topic. A faulty or poorly crafted topic can slow down the research and the writing to a snail’s pace, and that’s exactly what you don’t want.

A great topic can help your research progress very quickly and be a more efficient process. High school doesn’t give college students good experience in creating a winning topic because most of the research papers written at that stage were more like summaries of existing knowledge. In higher education the emphasis is more on new knowledge rather than existing knowledge.

Pursuing a topic of your own choice should accommodate new knowledge. Your goal in writing your research paper is to fill in the gaps of current knowledge. You should focus on that gap. However, finding knowledge gaps can be quite difficult. There is a lot of reading that has to be done, and you must search with a critical eye.

When you make a topic selection without having a lot of knowledge about the topic area to begin with, you are working blind. If you don’t know where there’s already a gap in knowledge, you would just be doing a review. However if you randomly choose an area where there is a big gap, you might run into the problem of not having enough material to do research on.

Strategies for crafting great topics for research papers

The following list shows an example of a topic that has already been written about and there’s a huge repository of knowledge about. Directly underneath it is a disagreement on the topic, which could be used as a basis for a research paper.

  1. 1. Excessive video game playing stunts children’s creativity
  2. Less than 2 hours of video game playing daily has no detrimental effect on creativity.

  3. 2. Watching violent movies increases the violent acting out of the children who watch them
  4. There is no way to accurately measure the effects on children’s behavior of watching violent movies

Research paper topic ideas. These are just ideas which you must use to craft a topic from. You can do this by focusing on one or two specific details or by using a disagreement.

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