A List Of Great Research Paper Topics On Classical Music

Whether you are studying some sort of music-based course, or you are currently learning about classical music as part of a history lesson, you may be required to write a research paper based on the topic of classical music. In fact, there are various other subjects that you may be studying which will require you to write such an academic paper and, if this is the case, you may be wondering what topics you can base your work on.

Choosing an era for your paper

Classical music covers a wide range of time. In fact, whilst many people may associate it with music from around the 18th and 19th-century; however, it in fact covers a time period starting at around the early 11th century, and ultimately extends right through to the present day.

Whilst this means that classical music essentially covers a period of almost a millennium, there is a particular era, known as the classical period, which covers approximately seven decades, from the mid-18th-century, through to the early 19th century. In fact, it is the difference in terminology between classical music and the classical period the often causes some confusion.

If you wish to write about the classical period, then it may be that you would like to write about famous composers, such as Mozart or Beethoven. Alternatively, you can pick any other topics relating to other eras, such as the Mediaeval, Baroque or Renaissance periods, as well as music that has occurred more recently, including the contemporary post-modern period, which began in the late 20th-century, and covers right up until the present day.

Once you have thought of an era to write about, you will then need to narrow down your topic. It may be that you wish to write about a particular piece of music, various styles, particular composers, or any other musical topic. For further inspiration, feel free to read the list of ideas below:

  1. German composers of the 18th century
  2. An analysis of the role of wind instruments in classical music
  3. Which nation was most influential during the classical period?
  4. An analysis of Beethoven’s fifth Symphony
  5. The life and work of Mozart
  6. Compare and contrast Mozart and Beethoven
  7. An analysis of influential classical composers who had hearing deficiencies
  8. What of the most important pieces of music to have come out of the classical era?
  9. Is there any connection between listening to classical music and an increased ability to learn information?
  10. What is the most difficult piece of classical music to play?

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