Picking Up a Great Marketing Research Paper Topic

Choosing a marketing research paper topic is one of the most difficult challenges, even for qualified academic writers. That’s because any marketing research paper requires a lot of extensive research on the topic.

Here is a list of interesting topics that can be useful if you need to write a marketing research paper:

  1. 1. Internet marketing and e-commerce.
  2. New technologies provide us with the possibility of using the Internet for different purposes. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of Internet marketing, its easiness, etc.

  3. 2. The benefits of social networks.
  4. How can you use social networks for marketing purposes? What are the benefits of this method? Discuss it; present the ways of using social networks in successful marketing campaigns.

  5. 3. How to create a good corporative culture.
  6. Write about the benefits of a corporative culture for managers and personnel, methods of designing it, some creative tips, etc. Don’t forget to define what a good corporative culture can be like; add some examples.

  7. 4. Marketing project.
  8. This is not a very complicated topic. Just describe all the steps and different aspects of any successful marketing project. It’s better to use your own one as an example.

  9. 5. Economics crisis and inflation.
  10. Provide some recommendations for businessmen on what to do during an economic crisis, and how to make profits even during inflation. This topic will be definitely interesting for new entrepreneurs.

  11. 6. What are customer opinions good for?
  12. Write about the role of customer estimation and ideas for marketing. Give some examples of the useful and beneficial customers’ influences on some popular marketing campaigns.

  13. 7. Motivation as a marketing strategy.
  14. Describe the most effective motivation strategies for improving employees’ attitudes towards their work. Add some information about the experiences of different companies.

  15. 8. Advertisement campaigns.
  16. Advertising is an essential part of marketing. That’s why it would be interesting for your audience to read about the most famous and successful advertisement campaigns. Use a lot of examples.

  17. 9. How to improve brand recognition in ads.
  18. Provide some recommendations on how to make any brand more recognizable in different types of advertisements. You can write general information and tips, or narrow this topic down by writing about the methods of popularizing any brand in a certain type of ad – for example, TV or Internet advertisements.

  19. 10. Shaping brand management skills.
  20. Present some information about brand management in general, and the skills needed for success in this sphere. Then, provide some tips on how to shape these skills quickly and effectively. Use your own experience.

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