Arguable research paper topics: good advice on finding sources

If you are writing a research paper and you need good advice on finding sources first take a moment to read over the sample topics below and see if anything strikes you:

After you have the topic in mind you can begin the research aspect of the paper.

The research part is where you find good sources that you can use in your paper as evidence for your arguments. There is so much out there that you can read related to any topic that it is important for you to narrow down your searches for good sources by first asking yourself some questions.

Ask yourself what background information a reader would need in order to understand your topic. Ask yourself what questions they would ask about your side in the argument. Consider the other side and ask yourself what might be argued against your claim. You will need to provide your reader with thorough background information and refute claims from any opposing arguments in order to craft a great paper. That is why you need to ask these questions. Asking them before you start looking for good sources will make sure you do not forget about them when you write your paper and that you have good evidence to help you.

Now comes the research aspect. There are many databases that you can use in your field which will offer academically published and high quality material you can use as a source. You can use these academic databases to search for published articles that are peer reviewed. You can refine your searches based on keywords or authors or even by publishing date. This ensures the evidence you find for your paper is up to date and suitable for your paper. You can use your school library to help you find physical copies of the information in these databases. The school librarians are great resources for finding top notch sources too so make sure you use them.

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