How To Find A Topic For A Research Paper: Useful Suggestions

When writing a paper, students have to worry about the way they format their writing and cite their sources. Since most people do not have time to flip through a writer's manual, it is important to find quicker ways to learn how to write an essay. One of the best ways to learn is through reading through several example papers. Students can use these examples to help figure out a topic, brainstorm potential ideas and learn how to cite sources.

Start With the Textbook

Most classes will use a textbook, but some classes will utilize a range of different books. Either way, students will need to read through their class books to figure out different ways to write their paper. As students read through the textbook, they should write down any topics that seem interesting. Once the student has finished taking down notes, they can use these topics as the basis for their essay.


To try this step, students need a stopwatch, a pencil and a piece of paper. They should set the stopwatch for ten minutes. Once the time starts to tick away, the student should write down any ideas that pop into their head. Even if the idea seems like a bad one, the student should still write it down. The point of this exercise is just to brainstorm new ideas. Some of the ideas will be good, but some of them will end up in the trash can. After the ten minutes are complete, the student can begin going through them to see which ideas are the best ones.

Search It

The Internet is an amazing resource for students who need some extra help. Students should type in the subject of their class along with the search term “paper topics”. Within the first one or two pages of results, the student should end up with some decent topic ideas for their paper. Essay writing websites will often include pre-written example topics, so students can always use these to complete their work.

Ask the Teacher

When in doubt, students can always go to their teacher to ask for help. Most professors will have office hours that are open to any student. During these office hours, the student can go to their teacher to ask for help with thinking of a topic. They can also ask their professor for editing help, research ideas and other information that they would not normally be able to get during class time.

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