How to write a conclusion to a research paper: providing you with an expert opinion

A conclusion is the most important part of a research paper. It is the last step in writing your research paper and is an extract of all the data, findings and statements that you included in your paper. The conclusion has to be brief, precise and accurate and is the summary of all the research work.

To be able to write a good conclusion you need to answer the following questions

What Has Your Research Shown?

Conclusion actually is the synopsis of the entire paper, so it should include all the major points and your research should be summarized in it. There is no need of going in to details. It’s more like the outline for the reader to help him refreshing and memorizing the whole article or research. Even though it is a summary but one should avoid repetition. It needs to be straight and clear, delivering the compile details in a few lines.

How did your research add to what is already available on the subject

This is the step where you are going to add the details to highlight the importance of your research. Like what was the lacking in the previous research and how has your research helped the readers in adding in to their knowledge. How have you provided the updated information, even if you could not add much information to it, still you can point out a few of it.

What Were the Shortcomings?

You also have to mention in your conclusion that what was lacking in your research. If there were some areas that you could not throw light on and how it affected your result.

What were the practical applications of your research?

This might not always be applicable but you can always list down how your research was important to the society. In what way it benefited the society and who can benefit from it.

A point to ponder

Always end your conclusion with some food for thought. Write it in a way that draws the reader’s attention and he wants to know more about the topic. Once your reader has seen your research and accurate findings, you can then pose a question or raise a point that lets them think. This will leave an impression on the reader’s mind and they will not forget your dissertation.

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