The Complete Tutorial On How To Write A Research Paper Discussion

The discussion section of your research paper is designed to interpret your results and to offer your opinion on the subject. You can explain the implications of your findings and also talk about future research. The main idea is of the research paper discussion question is to and the questions that you posed in the beginning of your paper. You will also work to explain how your answers fit with the current information that is found on the topic.

Here is a complete tutorial which will help you master the discussion section of your research paper so that you get it right. You will want to discuss the topics that are important to your study and it may be a good idea to use an outline to choose the best ways to present this idea. Some things to help you organize your ideas is by using a cluster map, an issue tree, or a numbering system.

  1. Develop an outline
  2. Organize ideas from specific to general
  3. Use the same terms, tenses, and point of view
  4. Start by restating your hypothesis
  5. Use results to support your answers
  6. Talk about all of the results that relate to the questions that you talked about
  7. Describe any patterns or relationships that you can identify
  8. Explain why your answer is right and the other are not
  9. Evaluate and discuss any conflicting explanations
  10. Discuss anything that you can’t explain about your results
  11. Identify the weaknesses and limitations to your study
  12. Summarize the piece

By following these steps, you will have a completed discussion section in no time. This is probably the most important part of your paper because it is where you do more than just report how you conducted your research and what others have learned about the general topic. Think of it as your analysis of the study. It is where you will really take a look at what you have learned and find its importance. When you are completing this section, be sure to take notes and read it through. You should edit this section separately from the rest so that you can really concentrate on whether or not you have analyzed your results and not just listed the results. This is what you worked so hard to complete so take pride in your results.

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