How To Come Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics For College Students 

Choosing a topic for your college research paper is a both hard and thankful task. It is hard because the topic of your choice should be deep enough for the whole paper, it should be much investigated, but, for some reasons, have some unexplored gap, and you are the one who can fill this gap and add some new knowledge on the issue. It is thankful because the opportunity of creating your own topic allows you to focus on the issue that is interesting to you.

Take the following steps to create a strong topic for your college research paper.

  1. Gather interesting ideas.
  2. It is easy, and you should just be open to succeed. Read newspapers and magazines, watch TV, listen to the radio, listen to what other people are discussing, and try to recollect what you’ve been currently arguing about in class. You may ask your teacher to prompt an interesting idea as well.

  3. Sort out the ideas.
  4. Choose those that seem to be the most suitable for research. They should be: Interesting personally to you;

    • Relevant to your life;
    • Current;
    • Controversial.
  5. Conduct a preliminary research on the topic of your choice.
  6. The perfect topic will be deeply investigated by the scientists, but still it will have some gap that you will try to fill in your paper. If the position on the issue is not unconditionally supported by everybody, this is your chance to disagree and build an interesting research paper.

Here is a list of topic ideas that could be used for your college research paper or to simply inspire your imagination:

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