A List of High School Research Paper Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

So, it’s time for the good old research paper. This is an assignment that tends to get students all riled up. You have to come up with your own topic, do the research, and the write a lengthy paper explaining what you found. The first step is choosing a topic. That can be the difficult part for some people. It may be because they are over thinking it but who knows.

Once you have your topic, you can create your thesis by answering the research question and then come up with three reasons why for each of your body paragraphs. Now find some supporting evidence from the books and articles you read and create your outline. The rest is easy once you get this far.

  1. Should cell phones be allowed in school?
  2. Should students be allowed to leave for lunch?
  3. Should students have to wear school uniforms?
  4. Should homework be banned from school?
  5. Should there be a greater concentration on job skills in school?
  6. Is animal testing immoral?
  7. Is abortion immoral?
  8. What are your thoughts on stem cell research?
  9. Should fur be banned to save the wildlife?
  10. Should the drinking age be increased?
  11. Should the smoking age be decreased?
  12. Should marijuana be legalized as a recreational drug?
  13. Should it be harder to obtain a gun?
  14. Should you have to retake the driving test every couple of years?
  15. Should same sex marriages be allowed?
  16. Should capital punishment be banned?
  17. Should women get paid the same as men?
  18. Are women getting paid the same as men in the corporate world?
  19. Should there be more censorship on some television stations?
  20. Should location software be banned from Facebook?
  21. Is Facebook a stalker’s playground?
  22. Is technology helping or hurting the youth of this country?
  23. How many trees would be saved if children had tablets that held there textbooks?
  24. Should college prices be lowered?
  25. Should professional athletes get paid less?

I hope these ideas inspire you. Choose one that really caught your attention and get to work. You can also use this list to come up with your own unique topic. I hope this list at least got you brainstorming ideas for your paper or for a different topic.

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