Introducing Quotes In A Research Paper: An Academic Tutorial

Quotations are of great help when you are willing to make your research paper more sophisticated and powerful. It’s rather beneficial to add a quote when you have to support the argument you present in your paper. Here are some useful recommendations aimed to help you use quotes in your research paper appropriately.

  1. 1. Use different types of quotes accurately. Make a distinction between the dropped, full sentence, block and indirect quotes, and never confuse them.
    • - A dropped quote is an isolated part of the text. Incorporate it into the sentence and don’t use it separately. A full sentence quotation reflects someone’s entire idea and mustn’t be put in the middle of your sentence like a dropped quote. Though, you shouldn’t separate such quotes from the entire text, therefore it is necessary to make an introduction to this quote.
    • - A block quote is a number of sentences taken precisely from the original source, and it should be used apart from the straight text. Do not overwhelm your paper with numerous block quotes, because they are extensive. You have to mind your word limit.
    • - By using an indirect quote you simply interpret the meaning of ideas taken from the original source. To do this properly, you should rearrange the target sentence and avoid using the original statement. Instead, use some equivalent words. Make sure you comprehend the meaning of the quoted passage.
  2. 2. Mind your punctuation marks.
  3. Don’t hesitate to consult some grammar references to ensure you’re using comas, periods, exclamation and interrogation marks, ellipses and brackets, colons and semicolons properly.

  4. 3. Be attentive.
  5. While quoting, make a precise duplication of the original passage.

  6. 4. Be aware there are different approaches to quoting. Consult the appropriate references and stick to one quoting style while working on a definite research paper.
  7. 5. Choose the quotations thoughtfully.
  8. Don’t overwhelm your paper with a flood of different quotes. Use them to prove your own ideas as to the researched problem. Make sure your reader will get your point.

  9. 6. Try not to paraphrase other people’s ideas.
  10. Rendering the quotes while supporting your own ideas and arguments won’t do you any good. You research paper is a unique piece of work; therefore you should stick to your own ideas and use quotations to make it more vivid.

  11. 7. Use quotes to present a proving.
  12. This may be extremely useful if you want to confirm your point of view concerning this or that arguable question.

  13. 8. To sum it up, if you want to use quotes successfully, mind to outline the references at the end of your research paper.

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