How to write an amazing research paper: 10 crucial hints to learn

When you are writing your research paper you need to make sure you have all of the right components and that you have nailed the abstract. The abstract will tell the reader everything they need to know about your amazing research paper.

What is the abstract?

The abstract is a major component to your final product. It is placed at the beginning of the document, and acts as the first substantive description readers will encounter about your work.

So when you start writing your amazing research paper you should follow these 10 crucial hints:

  1. 1. The abstract sets accurate expectations for the paper.

  2. 2. The abstract summarizes the thesis as a whole and presents the major elements included within the work in a condensed form

  3. 3. The abstract functions with the title as text that stands alone. That means it will appear on its own in bibliographic indexes and should announce the research and information contained in your entire paper so that a reader can determine whether they will continue reading the whole of your work.

  4. 4. The abstract is much more than an introduction, in that it prepares the reader for everything that will be contained in your thesis. It should also be used as a substitute for the entire thesis if ever there is not sufficient time or space to include the entire text.

  5. Size and structure of the abstract

  6. 5. The maximize size for your abstract is often 150 words for a masters paper and 350 words for a dissertation.

  7. 6. In order to ensure visual coherence, the abstract should be limited to a single double-spaced page.

  8. 7. The structure should mirror the same structure used for the whole paper, and represent every major element. For example: if the thesis has five chapters in total, including the introduction and conclusion, then there should be five sentences assigned to summarize each chapter individually within the abstract.

  9. Research Questions

  10. 8. Your research questions must be included and clearly specified within the abstract. In much the same way that you research questions are a critical component to your thesis, they are critical to the abstract too. They are used to ensure coherent and logical structure for your abstract.

  11. 9. The research questions should be presented at the beginning of the abstract.

  12. 10. If you have more than three research questions, you should reduce them or restructure them, as the abstract only allows room for one to three research questions.

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