It is difficult to pick research topics. You’ve been writing papers for a number of years, but settling down and choosing a topic seems to be the hardest parts of actually writing a paper. Here is a general guideline of things to keep in mind when starting a research paper.


The Best Biology Research topics, to the casual observer, are not topics that make leaps and bounds as far as research goes. Often case it is small changes and learnings that make up most research papers. So don’t worry if the topic of your paper seems uncritical. Just because it doesn’t shatter the earth with its newness does not mean that it is not important. In a recent study at Uppsala University, it was found that crows picked their partners based on the color of their feathers. It seems the old adage about ‘Birds of a feather, flocking together’ rings true for crows. The crows in the study chose partners that looked like themselves. The study linked genetic coding as the reason for this. Doing a research paper on something of this nature could be something that interests other biologist. But make sure that there is enough research behind a topic before you choose a topic.

Start small then narrow down your options

Biology is an extensive field. The best thing to think about when writing a research paper is that even though there are a lot of topics to choose from, to be a good research paper the topic has to be narrow. Pick a topic like agriculture, food, or stress and then start asking questions about each topic. Do some preliminary research on the web. If any of the topics start looking better than the others, go to a library and see if there are any research materials on the subject.

Academic Resources

But before you really start writing you research paper, run it by your professor to make sure they think that it is a good choice for you. Often times your professor can guide you to other research materials and share their understanding of the topic with you. They can also point you in a new direction if they don’t think that you can write a full-length research paper on the topic you chose.

Don’t forget to utilize all of the resources that your university provides. They are often overlooked. Web journals as well as published journals from past students are available to you online or at your university library.

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