Tips On How To Create A Proper Concluding Paragraph For A Research Paper

If you think writing a conclusion for a research paper is among the most difficult things to do in an assignment, you’ll be happy to know that you aren’t alone. Many students struggle coming up with the perfect words to close their research papers, a hurdle that can be especially difficult when you are looking for the satisfaction that comes with completing a project. We’ve put together some great tips to help you create a proper concluding paragraph:

  1. 1. Don’t finish with a sentimental flourish.
  2. Your research paper should finish with a lasting statement or a call to action. But don’t exaggerate sentimentality or risk sounding like you don’t take your topic seriously. If you’re writing on the topic of starvation in developing countries don’t suggest that if everyone in the room did a little more to help stop hunger then the entire world would follow and the global hunger crisis would cease to exist. This sounds as if you’re trying too hard to emphasize the importance of your work, and won’t get you any extra points.

  3. 2. Don’t bring up new ideas or evidence.
  4. Your conclusion should be used to remind the reader of all the important points you made in support of your evidence and how they work together to prove your central argument. Your conclusion should not bring up any new ideas or evidence. This will only confuse the reader and leave you research paper seeming open-ended. The habit of doing this is often formed in early writings, so be sure to curb it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t show up in your more mature writings.

  5. 3. Never apologize for the position you’ve taken.
  6. Students without confidence tend to make last minute apologies for the content they have provided in the body paragraphs. This will certainly cost you a letter grade or two. You should present most of your academic papers in the third person and apologizing tends to force the focus back on you. If you aren’t sure of the argument you have made then perhaps it’s best to go through another revision stage. Everyone who reads your research paper already knows that this is your argument (who else’s would it be?) so don’t insult the readers by directing attention away from the quality of your argument to the fact that it’s being presented by a student.

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