What Is Considered A Good Research Paper Topic

What is considered a good research paper topic? It depends on three factors that affect the subject matter being worked on. These will be covered in this article; relevancy, knowledge, and available resources, are what will determine if it is a good topic or not. If these three are not in play, the paper will be useless, and graded as such.

  1. 1. Relevancy
  2. 2. Knowledge
  3. 3. Available Resources
  4. 4. Sample Topics


When the paper is assigned, it must be done in the subject area that is requested. Or for a graduate level (Undergraduate Thesis, PhD Thesis), it must be within the field the student is studying. As such, a student doing a paper on a Biology subject, might do one on biomechanics, or Medicical subject, on Lympnodes. Whatever the topic, it must fit in with the subject that is being looked at. As one would not do a Geology paper on Animal Migration, unless they were talking about the effects magnetic fields.


As was said, the paper must be on a relevant topic to the subject; but it should also be on something, the student knows about. Taking it further than the student knows is perfectly good, but that they have some knowledge, is important. This affects the quality of the paper, to a level that is very visible to the reader. And turning in a paper that is outside of the student’s knowledge will show. If nothing else, work on a topic that was discussed in class, that way there is a base to build off from. This will create a much better paper than writing on a topic that the student has no foundation to build off from.

Available Resources

The third issue is what is available. When the topic is picked, do a pre-search, and see what resources can be found. If the student cannot find enough resources, then writing a good paper will be next to impossible. And the one resource for every 100-150 words cannot be maintained. So if there are not enough resources, look for a different topic; and if there are, do it.

Sample Topics

These can be used, or to get some ideas from.

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