Structure Guides: What Is The Basic Format Of A Term Paper Title Page?

When writing your term paper, always make sure that you are taking into consideration the format that needs to be used for the presentation of your work. Check out the instructions that you have been given in the remit for your paper. In fact check and check again. If you leave studying the instructions until after you have completed your paper, you may be rushing to complete for the deadline and misread some of the directives.

This may sound patronizing, but do take care with the Title page. It may feel that the title page is a mere formality after all the hard work that your have put into the paper. Always bear in mind that the title page is going to be your tutors first experience of your work.

Useful tips

The same rules apply whether you are presenting your work in a hardcopy or electronically.

The title page needs to include:

Through out the title page make sure that your style is consistent. Do not use ‘fancy’ fonts. You will not get any extra marks for creativity in fact you may actually lose marks. Unless the instructions tell you otherwise, keep to a tradition ‘Times New Roman‘. what ever you do, do not use any quirky effects on your title page, and under no circumstances use any clip-art or photographs.

No matter how careful you have been when getting all the information together for the title page, check your spelling and grammar again when you think you have finished.

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