A List Of Interesting University-Level Topics For Research Papers

Research paper writing is a cinch when you have the right topic. University students often are recommended by their school on what to write about. There are a number of sources provided to help you choose a solid topic for research paper writing. At the same time you may get overwhelmed at your options. The good news is you can make it easy by considering your interests first. Here is a list of interesting topics for university-level research papers that may inspire you to come up with your own idea.

  1. Violence. A research paper could compare types of violent crimes committed in one country verse another and solutions each country has done. One country may have a better outcome over the other; why?
  2. Terrorism. Do more people live in fear now that there is more terrorist activity abroad? How does a parent talk to their children about terrorism?
  3. Women’s rights. Are more women gaining access to better job opportunities now than 10 or 15 years ago? Are women being treated better or has this element gone unchanged?
  4. Sexting. What consequences should teens deal with when they are caught sexting? What elements actually define this action? A research paper could explore the rate of sexting issues and how they affect society.
  5. Politics. Is it true more people in recent years have not exercised their right to vote? Why do people feel like it is pointless to vote when the government tends to hand things differently than what voters expect?
  6. Natural disasters. Discuss the most costly natural disaster to date. How should people prepare their families for natural disasters? Have we gotten better at predicting natural disasters before they occur?
  7. Punishment of juveniles. What are crimes juveniles do in which they can be charged as an adult? A research paper could explore how punishments may vary for a juvenile and an adult for the same crime.
  8. Health. Are people living healthier lives now than 10 years ago? What are things people think are healthy choices but recent studies proved it unhealthy?
  9. Hate crimes. Could bullying be defined as a hate crime? A research paper could explore different crimes committed defined as a hate crime.
  10. Capital punishment. When innocent people are put to death. How often has this happened and how many people on death row could be consider innocent?

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