Writing your Research Paper in APA format: Vital Things to Remember 

The most common errors that students make when writing their paper in the APA format:

  1. 1. Running Header and Page Numbering
  2. Most commonly forgotten on APA writing assignments are the runner header and page numbers. Even students remember this element they often format it incorrectly.

    The tip we have here is that the running header should be a shorter version of the documents title. Make sure that it is included on all pages of the document in the text file. It is also advised that students check that they have properly formatted the header according to the American Psychological Association text. Alignment and text side do matter! Also, do not forget your page numbers in the top right hand corner of the page.

  3. 2. The Document Abstract
  4. Another often left out element in an APA research paper is the composition abstract. When the abstract does appear it is also not formatted correctly.

    Think of the abstract as an important part of your paper. Make sure that you write one! Also, place your abstract on a separate page and format it correctly. The biggest error that students make is formatting their abstract in italics. This is not needed. Instead it should be formatted like the body paragraphs of your paper. It should look the same as the rest of the document.

    * The abstract is a 300-word summary of your paper’s contents.

  5. 3. The Headings
  6. Many students have stated that they are uncertain about how to use headings when they write their APA style research paper. Most of the time students who do use headings format them incorrectly.

    Headings can be trick to master in the APA style. Make sure you read the American Psychological Association Textbook to clarify when and how to use headings accurately in various situations. In general heading should be used to clarify the different sections within sections of the composition. For instance your introduction may have 2 or 3 different headings. These headings should include in your paper’s table of contents.

    Mastering research paper writing in the APA format takes a bit of practice. This is because the APA style of writing has many small formatting details that require a bit of studying learning. If you still need help mastering the APA writing style we really recommend that you pick up an APA reference manual to use when you write.

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