Psychology Term Paper: Familiarizing Yourself With Main Writing Rules.

To write a psychology term paper one must know a specific set of skills such as grammar rules, capitalization, punctuation, and most importantly of all a knowledge of APA formatting. There are many details to remember when writing in APA such as indenting the first sentence of each paragraph one half inch or using twelve point, Times New Roman font, or the fact that every line in an APA formatted essay should be double spaced. In this article I will outline the general format of a psychology term paper and state some rules that must be followed for each section.

The first thing to remember when writing in APA are the sections that your paper must include. Things such as…

Each of these sections must include specific information and must be organized in a precise way. Failing to present the information in the way specified will create a paper that is not an exemplary work and therefore will not be worth to earn the grade necessary for success. Read below to find the rules of organization for each section.

Title Page

Your title page should include information that includes the name of your university, the title of your paper, a running head which is simply a shortened version of your title that you will place in the upper right hand side of your heading, your name, and a page number which you will place in the left hand corner of your heading. The information that is not placed in the heading should be centered on the page and should be in order top to bottom: title, name, university.


The abstract of your paper should be placed on the page directly following the title page of your paper. This section will summarize what the paper is about in no more than a paragraph or two. You will need to center the word “Abstract” and follow it with the short description of your work.

After you construct these two pages you will compose the body of the paper. This will be separate from all of the other sections. Following this you will need to create a reference page. This will again be on a new page and will begin with the word “references” noted at the top of the page and followed by the list of the works that you used to research the paper. Each reference must be in alphabetical order with the first line flush so the left margin and all following lines indented on half inch. Names of authors must also be listed last name first, journal articles are not to be italicized but book titles are, and be sure to use the capitalization and punctuation used by the source you are referencing. These are a few of the main rules to follow when writing in this style. For further rules you can view peer-reviewed APA formatted articles or one of the many websites that list the rules in great detail.

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