Getting Argumentative Research Paper Topics For College Students

An argumentative research paper is one that is written to prove your stance on a certain topic. It is written to persuade your reader into believing your point of view. Another name for an argumentative research paper is a persuasive paper.

When looking for a topic for your argumentative research paper topic, it is best to find really controversial issues. Controversial issues have a lot of information on both sides because they usually have the same amount of people that are against an issue than there are for it. This great battle between the two views proves to be great for writing argumentative papers.

Tips on what topic to choose:

There are a lot of different topics to choose from that would work for an argumentative essay. Topics that are controversial will give you a lot of information on whichever side you take. Since you will want to find a topic that are really passionate about, think of the topics that make your blood boil.

Setting up an argumentative research paper is very simple. You would want to get some background information about the topic for the introduction. The thesis statement should list three reasons why you support the topic. Make sure that whatever topic that you choose, you are able to come up with at least three supporting facts to write a really effective essay.

This type of essay also includes an additional paragraph that explains the alternative view on the topic. The reason for putting this into the paper is to show the reader that there is another view and the reasons why the opposing view is not valid.

It is important that you take an ethical stand on the topic because of the fact that these topics are so controversial. You will have some readers that just simply do not agree with your topic. In order to ensure that you choose the right topic is important because you want to write about a topic that you can respect the opposing view. If it goes against your religion or cultural belief, this is not a good topic to choose.

Remember that these issues do not have a right or wrong answer. They are simply based on the perception and belief of the individual. Choose a topic that you can respect the opposing view but feel strong enough to write a killer argumentative paper about.

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